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About Us

Kentucky Indigenous Peoples, LLC, (KIP) began in late 2008 when a group of Kentuckians with various Native American heritages and backgrounds came together to work for the good of all Native or Indigenous people who call Kentucky their home.

KIP focuses on current issues facing Kentucky's Indigenous population. We facilitate and conduct outreach and educational programs through partnerships with churches, schools, libraries, and State Parks throughout Kentucky. We also routinely partner with organizations such as the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission. We are considered a “friend of the Commission” due, in part, to our efforts to improve the lives of Native Americans in Kentucky and the region.

In 2017 KIP received federal 501c3 designation, making Kentucky Indigenous Peoples an official non-profit organization.

Our Mission

We will advocate for the Indigenous community by highlighting significant contemporary issues affecting both local and national Indigenous Peoples. To do so, KIP will educate Kentuckians about Native American history; promote Indigenous art and culture; and provide outreach and support, by means including but not limited to the following:

  • By organizing Native American cultural events such as musical concerts, art exhibits (that comply with the 1990 American Indian Arts and Crafts Act), Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations, and other events.

  • By offering Instructive events such as classes, seminars, and educational speeches about a variety of topics that affect Indigenous Peoples nationwide, socially, politically, environmentally.

  • By providing outreach and community support through the distribution of materials at events and on our website; and by referral to partnering organizations.

Our Vision

To see a secured future for today's Native American Peoples residing in Kentucky. 

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