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Dave Fallis

Sadly, KIP had to say goodbye to our strong and determined leader, Dave, in 2020.  He fought a long and hard battle against cancer right up till the end, like the fierce warrior he was. 

He was dearly loved and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  And those of us with KIP will continue to lead how he would have lead - with the strength, honor, and commitment that our Indigenous Peoples in Kentucky deserve.

We will see you again one day, Dave. Until then, we hope we make you proud!

Joseph Coy

2020 was a difficult year in many ways and for many reasons, and KIP was not exempt or immune from those difficulties.  Not only did we lose our leader, Dave Fallis, but we also lost Joseph Coy – one of our younger members.


Joe was a caring, compassionate young man with a huge heart.  He was always willing to lend a hand and would give the shirt off his back to someone in need.  He will be missed greatly by everyone who was fortunate enough to call him friend. 

We at KIP hope we can honor his selflessness and deep compassion by serving the Indigenous peoples of Kentucky in the same way he would.

We miss you more than you know, but we know we will see you again one day, Joe.

Deanna Jessie.jpg

Deanna Jessie

Earlier this year (2022) KIP lost Deanna Jessie, an integral part of our team. Deanna served a lifelong career in the Healthcare Field covering 40 counties for the KY State Healthcare Access Branch for Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program here in Eastern KY and was 1 of 3 Community Consultants. She served on the KY Heritage Commission for Indigenous People as the Public Health advocate appointed by the Governor. She was a KY Colonel for her efforts through the Red Cross, Disaster Relief Programs, and was a valuable asset full of knowledge of the industry. 


Deanna cared for everyone; including, but not limited to her family, friends, and clients. She was driven passionately through her work helping those become more knowledgeable about resources and provided training to improve healthcare access to keep patients out of the hospital through her wisdom of Prescription Assistance Programs to make care more affordable for families. 

Deanna's presence, knowledge, and kind, helpful spirit will be greatly missed.

Miss Anne.JPG

Anne Wood

Anne Wood passed peacefully on July 16, after a long period of illness, surrounded by her children and friends in her final days.

She traveled the world and never met a person with whom she wasn’t interested in striking up a conversation. She was always looking for teachable moments with young minds, and there is nothing she loved more than sharing a good book or teaching piano to a curious child.

Anne was a member of Centenary United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where played a pivotal role in developing Centenary’s Native American ministry program. She was proud of her Native American heritage, and was an advocate for indigenous recognition and rights through her involvement with the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission.

Anne was incredibly generous, always willing to give to others even when she didn’t have much for herself. She looked for the best in others. She loved to laugh, and never lost her sense of humor. She preferred to look at events in her life with hope, and held on to her good-natured optimism right up to the end.

Anne's kindness, joy, generous spirit, and staunch support of KIP and the Native American community in Kentucky will be missed greatly.

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